Accessing your inner Happiness;

The things that give us true and lasting happiness mostly come from within us, i.e. our thoughts and how we perceive our environment. Our thoughts and perception will produce for us a corresponding outcome in the form of happiness or sadness as its fruits.

Dan Gilbert states; ‘We have within us the capacity to manufacture the very commodity we are chasing’

Outward acquisitions and wealth may give temporary gratification. However, this feeling is short lived if one has not first developed an inner sense of contentment and happiness – for this reason many people, including the rich and famous struggle with feelings of discontentment, depression and even suicidal thoughts, because they are seeking true happiness outwardly instead of inwardly.

Tips to access your inner Happiness; 

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Good Leadership in the Workplace;

Good leadership in the workplace: 

Good leaders are true leaders because they lead from a heart of service – True leadership is more about giving than taking and serving than being served. In order words, they lead by example:

The trait of a true leader is reflected by their attitude to service and setting positive examples even when it is the most difficult thing to do – This is a key purpose in leadership.

‘To forget ones purpose is the commonest form of stupidity’ Friedrich N


Traits of good leadership; 

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How you see yourself;

The picture you have of yourself will determine how you present yourself and how people will respond to you.