Understanding Personality & Diversity in team relationships @ work;

In addressing personality and diversity in team relationships at work, it is important to note that we are all uniquely different – our personalities determine how we perceive our environment, how we respond to people (or team), and to things happening around us. People are born with natural personalities but can also be influenced by upbringing or  relationships.

‘Ultimately, your personality could be described as the face you show the world, the you others get to know’ Cris Wildermuth*

Personality reflects individual behaviour, and differs from one person to another.

Diversity is basically associated with differences in culture, race or social orientation of various individuals. Individual personalities can adapt to the culture or social orientation they are associated with, however, this does not change the core of ones personality inwardly. 

To build a good rapport and achieve success working as part of a team, it is vital to understand  personality traits in relation to diverse cultures and how to harness these positively to achieve effective teamwork.  

5 ways to build great team relationships considering team personality & diversity;

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Taking back control of your life;

Taking back control of ones life is like getting back on the drivers seat ( In this case the drivers seat of your life ) – This involves planning and making your way forward.


‘Taking control means having a plan, taking targeted action and being committed to your cause’. 

Planning is the first step towards fulfilling your potential and actualizing your goals. You need a plan or strategy to take control. Taking control of your life is a challenging prospect as the default option is to let things just evolve without a plan – This option is often detrimental. 

How to take control and achieve your life goals through planning;            

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Accessing your inner Happiness;

The things that give us true and lasting happiness mostly come from within us, i.e. our thoughts and how we perceive our environment. Our thoughts and perception will produce for us a corresponding outcome in the form of happiness or sadness as its fruits.

Dan Gilbert states; ‘We have within us the capacity to manufacture the very commodity we are chasing’

Outward acquisitions and wealth may give temporary gratification. However, this feeling is short lived if one has not first developed an inner sense of contentment and happiness – for this reason many people, including the rich and famous struggle with feelings of discontentment, depression and even suicidal thoughts, because they are seeking true happiness outwardly instead of inwardly.

Tips to access your inner Happiness; 

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