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This blog is updated by Georgi David in association with other certified people development mentors; (Categories cover; Employability skills, Emotional intelligence, Leadership skills and Human resources development). The aim is to empower our readers to manage their work performance and deal with confidence issues that form barriers to achieving personal and professional goals.

Equipping young people to thrive in the Workplace;

Equipping Young People to Thrive in the Workplace. Research by professional bodies reveal that millennials, especially young school leavers are hardly work ready after leaving school. Evidence shows they need more support to advance and to thrive in the place of

Benefits of Work;

Working is fundamental to our wellbeing and gives us a chance to use our gifts and skills to support ourselves and others, thereby fulfilling our potential and purpose; You can be working in a job for convenience or in your

How to Keep a Positive Attitude to Work;

A positive Attitude to work is vital to success in the workplace. Keeping a positive attitude to work will make you enjoy your job, earn you a promotion and most importantly, keep you on track towards achieving your professional goals